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Bringing back the culture of cruising, now based in guildford surrey, with big plans to go back to basics and hold meets as and when possible. The car scene is evaporating in front of our very eyes because of well known car parks being gated and blocked so these meets cannot be held where they once were very ripe in the comunity of car lovers. Well its going to change guys because those of you that have the passion, are the ones that will help in bringing the scene back to life. we are a clean club and i would like to be the first to welcome anyone that shares the thoughts of 'keeping it real' rather then ruining it for all and get on board with us to get us out on that one night a week when were bored, meet up and chat what we like to chat about..... of course, CARS :) get on facebook and join the club.   let us know of anything you feel is appropriate to be put up on our site and i will do my very best to post up anything that you guys want. follow us on facebook for the smaller stuff :)

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